Review 2017-18: Scout & Guide HQ

Sue Rodger

The Joint Management Committee is the body responsible for the development, maintenance and management of our Headquarters, jointly owned and occupied by Girlguiding Hinchley Wood and 1st Hinchley Wood Scout Group, together with the separately leased open space.

It includes Leader representation but the main executive roles should be taken by Scout & Guide parents – at the moment we are well below strength and several more committee members are needed to share the workload.

We derive income from the Guides and Scouts quarterly contributions, the pre-school rental and occasional donations. In addition a levy of £5 per member per ‘term’ is made, paid through members subscriptions. Everyday expenses are utility bills, building insurance and maintenance, as our ongoing schedule and as required, such as redecoration, floor sealing and grass & hedge cutting.

As always a lot of work is needed to maintain and improve the Scout and Guide HQ for the benefit of all users. Parental help is always appreciated, such as at our periodic Clean-Up Days.
In the last year we have completed and had a formal opening of the campfire circle outdoor meeting space also the main hall floor has been specialist power cleaned and resealed.

Such improvements together with HQ works such as the imminent upgrading and renewal of the electrical wiring, the planned toilet refurbishment and wished for new car park tarmac are in general dependent on successful grant aid applications or other funding being made available as regular income will not cover this expenditure.