Review 2017-18: Chairman’s Note

Andrew Sturmer

One of the things I have had reinforced from being involved with 1st Hinchley Wood Scouts is that “things don’t just happen”. In order for our children to enjoy all the activities that they do in Scouts takes a lot of effort, planning and support. We are very fortunate at 1st Hinchley Wood we have a great set of Leaders and a great set of parents to support them. Over the last few years the Executive have put a lot of effort into identifying the activities we need to run to support the Group. This ranges from all our fundraising activities, help at camps and scouting events and supporting our weekly meetings. We have developed a strong Parent Rep structure which has really benefited the group in communication and organisation. We have improved the identification of the tasks we require help with and significantly improved the planning of them all including the ability to sign-up to activities on-line. Over the course of the year we have so far identified approximately 1500 man hours of activity that is required from Parents in order to run all of our events. This works out to be between 20 and 30 hours per family per year. This is not much for each family per year when you consider all the fantastic activities that the Leaders arrange for our children.

This year I would like to make a particular mention of our May Fair. This is because two people who have lead the organisation of the May Fair for the last few years are stepping down and I would like to acknowledge their significant contribution to its success. Rachel Branney and Fiona Cory have done a fantastic job leading the May Fair organisation and have doubled its profitability over that time. The May Fair continues to be a really enjoyable and significant community event for Hinchley Wood as well as a significant fundraiser for the Group.

Of course we wouldn’t have any Scouts for our children if we didn’t have any Leaders. I am really pleased that over the course of the last year we have added to our numbers of leaders in both Cubs and Scouts. On behalf of the Executive and the parents I would like to thank the Leaders for all the efforts they put in throughout the year.

I know this is supposed to be a review of the previous year; however a significant change is about to occur that cannot go unmentioned. Adrian Ducker & Peter Hanna have announced their intention to hang up their scarves and move away from the area. Peter first took on the Scout Leader role in 1982 while Adrian, after doing many varied roles, took the troop leader role in 2003 alongside the Group Scout Leader role he held since 1992. A simple thank you is in no way adequate and I am sure there will be more to say on this in the coming months but suffice to say Hinchley Wood Scouts will never be the same and Peter and Adrian will be sorely missed. In the meantime we have plenty of work to do to extract that vast amount of knowledge so
we can have a smooth transition into a future.

Membership as at 31 March 2017

Beaver Scouts 24
Cub Scouts 35
Scouts 34
Explorer Scouts 15
Total Youth Members 108
Scout Network 2
Leaders & Assistants 39
Total Membership (Group & Explorer/Network Unit) 149