Review 2016-17: Chairman’s Note

Andrew Sturmer
The health of an organisation can often be evidenced by the strength of its membership and capability of its leaders. With all our sections full to capacity our membership is as strong as ever. And while we can always do with more leaders in some of our sections our leadership teams continue to provide a fantastic and varied range of activities for our children to enjoy. So first and foremost I would like to thank all of our section leaders for their time and effort that they put in to making 1st Hinchley Wood such a fantastic Scout Group.

In addition I would like to comment on the participation of parents and helpers this year. It was very pleasing to see so many helping at and after the recent Scout Camps. There is so much truth to the saying that many hands make light work and on two occasions this year the Scout HQ was buzzing with people to put away all the gear after camps. I know it was much appreciated by our leaders and it certainly made it easier, quicker and more enjoyable.

In fact recently we have put a lot of effort into identifying all the tasks and jobs that parents can help throughout the year; before, during and after all the various Scouting and fundraising activities we undertake. This is mainly to ensure that it is easier for parents to contribute to the success of the Group and be aware of those jobs where your help is needed. But also this will ensure that the workload is spread more evenly across everyone so it is not left to the few to always be the ones that help – those many hands making light work again! This extra bit of organisation, our good communication and the organisation of our ever strong fundraising activities is down to our fantastic parent reps. So my second big thank you is to our parent reps again for all the time and effort they put in to making our Scout Group successful.

So it is with the satisfaction of another enjoyable Scouting year completed that we review our last 12 months and it is with confidence and excitement that we look forward to the coming 12 months. Thanks to all who have contributed to the success of 1st Hinchley Wood Scouts.

Membership as at 31 March 2017

Beaver Scouts 22
Cub Scouts 35
Scouts 31
Explorer Scouts 17
Total Youth Members 105
Scout Network 5
Leaders & Assistants 32
Total Membership (Group & Explorer/Network Unit) 142

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