Review 2015-16: Cubs

Leadership Team

The summer got off to a good start with group camp at Walton Firs at the beginning of May. The sun shone and the cubs took part in lots of activities including backwoods cooking, navigating an obstacle course, map work, caving and crate climbing. They especially enjoyed the challenge of branding pieces of wood with hot metal!

District camp at Polyapes followed in June, where nights away and camper badges were earned. Activities there included rope walks, a bouncy castle challenge and a laser chase.

During the autumn and spring programmes, the cubs worked on the Astronomer and First Aid Badges. They showed great enthusiasm producing models of different constellations and maps of the solar system. We were delighted that GP (and Scout Leader!) Harvey was able to lead one of the First Aid meetings and get the cubs really engaged in tasks including treating burns, cuts and nosebleeds and the correct use of the recovery position.

As we celebrated the Centenary of Cub Scouting, several of the meetings focused on learning more about Lord Baden Powell and the history of the Scout movement and preparing for the camp at Brownsea Island – one of the highlights of 2016!

District events included a particularly exhilarating day hike (in which the cubs fielded two teams) in challenging weather at Leith Hill, the annual Pinewood Derby and a well-attended cross country run in Oxshott.

Other activities during the year included making a radio programme about the Cub Centenary, Christmas wreath making, cooking pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, swimming at Hampton Pool, bivouac building on West End Common and games at Hinchley Wood rec.

The highest award that can be earned as a cub is the Chief Scout’s Silver Award which was gained by Francis Avizius, William Emmerson, Oliver Game, Connor Hays, Jamie Lund, Joe Moylan-Jones, Arjun Panesar, Harry Randolfi, Matthew Robinson, Scott Smith, George Sturmer, Thomas Sweeting and Idris Wills. Congratulations to all.

The Cub Leadership team welcomed Paul Rayner. The team led by Akela Debs Beaney assisted by Chris Beaney is thus Phil Cooper, Alex Higgins, Emma Kingsley, Leala Padmanabhan, Paul Rayner and Theresa Platt. We wish to thank everyone who has helped us, in any way, to provide such a varied programme. We hope you have found it a fun and very rewarding experience. With your continued support we can keep offering a challenging, fun programme of the highest standard. Any new programme ideas are always most welcome.

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