Review 2017-18: Beavers

Ian Broderick

At this time of the year as I’m asked to provide brief details for the Review of our activities for the year I think of the Life of Brian sketch.

So what has Beavers ever done for our children?

How about camping and fire lighting? Well they’re part of the Scouting organisation so of course they’re going to do camping, fire lighting, setting up a tent and hiking – everyone knows that.

They did learn a lot about safety – in the home, on the water, fire safety, green cross code, stranger danger – that’s quite important.

Obviously we have to look after the children so safety goes without saying.

What about the ‘visits and visitors’ like laser tag, drumming, Bazzaz, Group camp, Shinnyo-en, fire station, food bank, Chelsea FC, tennis and White Spider climbing.

Well of course thanks to all visitors and helpers.

We can’t forget the wonderful time they had at Group camp with zorbing, spoon branding, water rockets, caving, nightline and assault course.

So apart from camping, climbing, fire-lighting Bazzaz, safety, camp, tennis, football, archery, hiking, cycling, catapults, caving, crate-stacking, experiments, visits and visitors, self-confidence, fun, games, friends and badges (including the coveted Chief Scout’s Bronze Award) – what has Beavers ever done for our children?


And I’ve probably missed out as many activities as I’ve mentioned but I was told to keep this short!

None of this could have occurred without the volunteers who make it possible. So big thanks to the Beaver Leader team of Ian Broderick, Heidi Smith, Samantha Emmerson, Wendy Vincze, parent reps Pauline Davies and Emma Willson, not forgetting the ‘DofE’ young leaders, weekly parent helpers and Colony Administrator Sarah Chan.

Who would be a Beaver leader? We can always do with more help – join the fun and remember doing good makes you feel good.