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Four Inns Hike 2015

1st Hinchley Wood fielded teams for the 2015 Four Inns hike in Derbyshire.

2015 Group Diary now available

The 2015 Group Diary is now available. Key events are below.

24 January Race Night
7 March Jumble Sale
18 April Quiz Night
19 April St George’s Day Parade
2-4 May Group Camp at Walton Firs
9 May HQ Clean Up
16 May Scout Fair, Hinchley Wood Parade
12-14 June District Cub Camp, Walton Firs
27 June Bazzaz – Beaver Fun Day
24-31 July Scout Summer Camp, Snowdonia
12 September Scout Group Open Day & BBQ, Scout & Guide HQ
25-27 September Symonds Yat White Water Weekend
10 October Jumble Sale
8 November Remembrance Day Parade, Hinchley Wood Parade
15 November HQ Clean Up

Fundraising update, November 2014

Thanks to everyone who has supported any of our fundraising efforts over the past few years, especially our parent reps, we have now raised enough money to purchase a new minibus for our Scout Group.

Hopefully you have had the chance to see our new minibus out and about already. Keep your eyes out for a shiny silver minibus around Hinchley Wood.

1st Hinchley Wood Scout Group's new silver minibus
1st Hinchley Wood Scout Group’s new silver minibus

We are currently saving up for:

  • A new marquee for the ever expanding number of people who go camping
  • New archery equipment as we now have fully trained leaders
  • New lightweight tents for our Explorers to use at camp

Esher District’s Top Scout Group 2013

1st Hinchley Wood remain the most successful Scout Group in Esher District, winning both the best Troop and Best Explorer Unit in Esher District in 2013.

Our Scouts have now won the Top Troop Trophy for a record equaling 4 years in a row. With a number of triumphs already in 2014’s competition they are hoping to set a new record of 5 successive years as Esher’s best Scout Troop.

Past events

  • District Scouting Skills & First Aid Competition
    An excellent beginning to 2015 with our Scouts starting as they mean to continue, taking 1st place against all the rest of Esher District.
  • Scout District Night Hike – 18th October 2014
    Another 1st for 1st Hinchley Wood – Congratulations to our Scouts for not only winning the District Night Hike but also taking 2nd place too.
  • Scout District Cooking Competition – 5th October
    We were just squeezed into 2nd place this time, however there was nothing in it. Think the judges just felt it was time for someone else to win!  Well done cooks.
  • Scout Shooting Competition –
    With some keen marksmen and having had plenty of practice in our CP Centre our Scouts took 1st place in this new competition.

Four Inns Hike 2014

1st Hinchley Wood fielded teams for the 2014 Four Inns hike in Derbyshire.