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Review 2016-17: Chairman’s Note

Andrew Sturmer
The health of an organisation can often be evidenced by the strength of its membership and capability of its leaders. With all our sections full to capacity our membership is as strong as ever. And while we can always do with more leaders in some of our sections our leadership teams continue to provide a fantastic and varied range of activities for our children to enjoy. So first and foremost I would like to thank all of our section leaders for their time and effort that they put in to making 1st Hinchley Wood such a fantastic Scout Group.

In addition I would like to comment on the participation of parents and helpers this year. It was very pleasing to see so many helping at and after the recent Scout Camps. There is so much truth to the saying that many hands make light work and on two occasions this year the Scout HQ was buzzing with people to put away all the gear after camps. I know it was much appreciated by our leaders and it certainly made it easier, quicker and more enjoyable.

In fact recently we have put a lot of effort into identifying all the tasks and jobs that parents can help throughout the year; before, during and after all the various Scouting and fundraising activities we undertake. This is mainly to ensure that it is easier for parents to contribute to the success of the Group and be aware of those jobs where your help is needed. But also this will ensure that the workload is spread more evenly across everyone so it is not left to the few to always be the ones that help – those many hands making light work again! This extra bit of organisation, our good communication and the organisation of our ever strong fundraising activities is down to our fantastic parent reps. So my second big thank you is to our parent reps again for all the time and effort they put in to making our Scout Group successful.

So it is with the satisfaction of another enjoyable Scouting year completed that we review our last 12 months and it is with confidence and excitement that we look forward to the coming 12 months. Thanks to all who have contributed to the success of 1st Hinchley Wood Scouts.

Membership as at 31 March 2017

Beaver Scouts 22
Cub Scouts 35
Scouts 31
Explorer Scouts 17
Total Youth Members 105
Scout Network 5
Leaders & Assistants 32
Total Membership (Group & Explorer/Network Unit) 142

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Review 2016-17: Group Scout Leader

Adrian Ducker
Scouting’s progress is both national and local. Membership is up and the movement continues to generate much interest and considerable respect.

Since securing the lease two years ago of the Open Space next to our headquarters we have continued to improve the land, this year seeing the installation of our outdoor meeting area in the form of a campfire circle complete with a large fire basket. We thank our local supporters including our hard working councillors for the grant aid.

Group events including participation in the District Camp, the May Fair and the Open Day were successful and much enjoyed by young people, our supporters and the local community – as appropriate!

Group collective achievements include full and successful participation in District and County events, active programmes for all the sections and the Scout Active Support (SAS) unit, and all the other activities detailed in the section reports that follow. I also congratulate all beaver scouts, cub scouts, scouts, explorer and network scouts who have had fun gaining badges and taking part in camps, activities and competitions during the year. Well done to you all!

1st Hinchley Wood is the fourth largest Group in Esher District and the second largest with one section of each age range. The beaver, cub and scout sections remain full with waiting lists. The lack of meeting slots in our joint headquarters prevents more expansion of Group numbers.

All this activity and success does not just happen; it is the result of an enormous amount of hard work by the leaders and assistants who are the backbone of the group, supported by Scout Active Support and backed up by the Group Executive. I would like to express my thanks and I am sure that of all parents to all the volunteer leaders and assistants, past and present, who put so much time and energy into 1st Hinchley Wood.

Chief Scout Bear Grylls normally makes awards to leaders and other adults for their service. This year there’s been a glitch at The Scout Association with none forthcoming, which can only mean that we’ll be reporting on a record number next year!

There have been a number of changes in the Group’s leadership team during the year, with a good number of new appointments as listed in the section reports that follow. We thank those who have left us for their help. We welcome all who have joined our team during the year. This is all excellent but yet more volunteers are needed to take the responsibilities of leadership especially for the older sections. This is a continuing group objective for the year ahead.

Thanks to an excellent leader training programme, there is no pre-requisite in expertise or experience. All leaders undertake to complete their initial leader training within five months of appointment and their full training within five years. They then undergo ongoing training throughout their service, keeping them up to date in such areas as safety, safeguarding and first aid. Those becoming leaders may bypass the considerable waiting lists for membership of the sections for their children.

A continuing challenge for the volunteer leader team is delivering ever more sophisticated programmes requiring specialised training and qualifications such as archery, shooting and water and mountain-based activities. It is good to report that many of our leaders and instructors have undertaken training in specialist areas such as mountain walking, advanced first aid, shooting, archery, water activities as well as their mainstream Scout adult leader training.

Our water activities team is strengthened by the addition of explorers joining the coaching team. It is fantastic to see young people making use of the knowledge and experience gained through Scouting by putting something back into the movement.

Richard Beaney, our Group Quartermaster, continues to make a very positive contribution. With the ever-increasing amount of expensive equipment needed to support our level of activity his methodical and practical approach is much appreciated by the leaders. He is steadily continuing to improve our storage facilities with new racking to increase the effective space and make it easier to access the equipment.

Our ‘fleet’ of two minibuses remains unchanged and is much used. We have funding in place and are on the lookout for a replacement for the older, smaller (blue) bus (yes, you’ve heard that before!).

We have purchased additional camping equipment to allow us to equip five scout patrols and the explorers camping simultaneously. We have ordered a replacement large mess tent.

The Chris Platt Activity Centre continues to make a major contribution to the life of the Group. Besides housing the minibuses, canoes and kayaks on their trailer, fair stalls, archery and other equipment, the air rifle range and the climbing/traverse wall have been well used – a real multi-activity building.

As Chairman Andrew has said, ‘many hands make light work’

The Group has been pleased to continue joint initiatives with other local organisations, notably St Christopher’s Church and Girlguiding Hinchley Wood, to promote the community of Hinchley Wood. One very visible result of this is the Hinchley Wood Community Magazine. This magazine, published by the Church and contributed to and sometimes distributed by 1st Hinchley Wood, helps to increase local awareness of just how much goes on in scouting and guiding in Hinchley Wood. Many thanks to Chris Beaney who coordinates our contributions.

Closely supporting the uniformed team is the Group Executive, the lay team whose function is to support the Group in its work. The greatest part of this involves fundraising and our financial report shows just how important the fundraising effort is to our overall income. My thanks go to our Chairman Andrew Sturmer, Secretary Amanda Moylan-Jones, Treasurer Laurence Tanner and all Group Exec members and parents who have helped in this and other vital functions.

The widened parent support base including our parent reps has been a real success story. Well done to everyone involved. Our future objectives are to attract more leaders, to train more in specialist roles and to encourage more parents to get involved in managing the Group and the joint headquarters. As Chairman Andrew has said, ‘many hands make light work’ is very true so please look at the many ways in which you can help. Whilst many of these roles involve evening and weekend participation there are a number which are not time or space dependent and thus practical for those who cannot easily manage to get to the HQ. Parent reps will be able to provide more details – as an example Angus Lund, our (and Esher Scout District’s) Orienteering specialist to great effect, took over and upgraded the Group Website during the year – many thanks to Angus.

We hope you enjoy this Annual Review. I am grateful to all the contributors and to Peter Hanna for their help in producing this year’s edition.

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Review 2015-16: Chairman’s Note

Andrew Sturmer

It has been another great year for Scouting in Hinchley Wood. The very real success of 1st Hinchley Wood Scouts is down to the fantastic programme of activity which is organised for our children. Whether it be trips to the fire station, kayaking, making catapults, camping nearby – and far away, shooting, wake-boarding, hiking, archery or fishing to name but a few, for this we owe congratulations and a huge thank you to Group Scout Leader Adrian Ducker and our team of excellent Leaders. It is extremely important that we support our Leaders to deliver the years activities whether this is becoming a Leader, taking on a role in the group, supporting sessions down at the HQ, ferrying children to different locations or helping at fundraising events.

Our fundraising remains very strong. Each year our May Fair in the Memorial Gardens seems to bring even more community spirit to the village and it was a great success again this year. Our biggest fundraising event is the Christmas tree sales and we once again delivered well over 300 trees and wreaths bringing much Christmas cheer to Hinchley Wood and surrounding areas. Our fundraising is critical to the continued success of the Group and the rich and varied programme of activities organised each year. When we secured our fabulous new mini bus a almost three years ago we did not retire the old one! While retaining the blue bus has been a real bonus, and it has given great service taking us to and from so many adventures, it is now 25 years old so we are actively putting away funds to replace it.

All of our main fundraising events are organised by our Parent Reps and the Group Executive. On behalf of the whole Group I would like to thank the Parent Reps for their fantastic efforts over the last year. They really have done a great job. I would also like to thank all those many parents who contributed in some way however small in helping make our fundraising and other events a success. It does make a huge difference but we still need more helpers. It really is the more the merrier the quicker and easier that things get done. We are opening up more roles within the Group so to get more involved please do speak to myself, Adrian or any one of the Leaders or Parent reps.

Membership as at 31 March 2016

Beaver Scouts 24
Cub Scouts 35
Scouts 29
Explorer Scouts 21
Total Youth Members 109
Scout Network 3
Leaders & Assistants 34
Total Membership (Group & Explorer/Network Unit) 146

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